Babies Get Sick, Then Mommies

 (Bench at the Botanic Gardens.  It has strikers attached.  Stock Photo.)

Lila spent three days with a strange sort of off-and-on fever, cranky and sleepy.  Now mommy feels the same, though better this morning.  I’m teaching today, and all week between roasting chickens and cuddling a sick little girl I’ve been writing notes and plans for next year’s big project- a wardrobe club.

(Botanic Gardens, a favorite place to go with Daddy)

I’m pretty excited about the club, the planning is consuming me at the moment.  Basically, we’ll have club meetings once a month to examine a particular type of garment.  I’ll present patterns appropriate for various skill levels, discuss fabric choices and potential fitting challenges, and demonstrate a technique likely to come up in that month’s sewing.  If I told you more, I’d have to kill you.  I want to work out an online sew-along option to share with other sewists.

 (Gates to Chinatown and the best, cheapest Chinese food in the Valley- King’s Diner.)

We pinned a quilt this week, I ought to finish the quilting in the next few days.  By “we,” I mean Husband allowed himself to be roped in.  Every time I pin a quilt I grit my teeth and swear “never again!”  I think he felt a little bit the same, when we finished he said “I did this because I love you.”

Yes, I know.

(Chinatown, a rare hint of unexpected color and shape)

Planned for this week- A sharp and pointy giveaway, quilting, and maybe a few dresses.


  1. I know the feeling… sick baby (or worse, sick babies) and then just when they're back in rare form and ready to go, we get it. Hoping the whole household is on the mend soon.And I dare to hope it will be a virtual club so that us northern-hemispherians can join… it sounds far too exciting to miss!

  2. That bench is beautiful.. you don't see many like that around, so artistic! Thankyou for your comment on my blog. Now I just have to check out Mommie Dearest too see that coat-hanger crazy scene!Your wardrobe club sounds really interesting!

  3. Babies and husbands get sick, but it is always worse when mommy gets sick – the house kind of halts, piling up for me when I am better. Hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon.

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