Candy Striper = Candy Stripper?


Must everything be turned into a sexy costume?  Aren’t candy stripers nice teenage girls who visit sick people?

I googled “candy striper dress” to check my planned red-and-white striped Holiday dress wouldn’t be pushing the boundaries of good taste into the dreaded “kitsch” category.  Sometimes with vintage its a fine line to tiptoe along.  This image came up most often.  Yuck.

Great dresses:

  Topshop, April 2009.  I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s cute.
L’ecole Des Femmes  I like this enough to toy with the idea of knocking it off.
Dress A Day, I want to steal the striped hip yoke idea.

Pinafore (meant to go over a blouse and skirt) Found at Oh No Its You Again

Verdict: Red and White stripes are ok, as long as the skirt is longer than 10″ and doesn’t have a fluffy petticoat underneath paired with go-go boots.
I might just sew up the bodice for 641, sans sleeves, see what it looks like.  I have enough ticking to experiment a trifle.   Regardless of the bodice, I think I’ll use the 2599 skirt.


  1. You weren't planning go-go boots with your outfit! A little fur trim might add an extra touch of go-go too. :)How this would go down at the family Xmas celebration is worth at least an imaginative escapade, though I don't suggest making it a reality. ;)

  2. I hope you know I wasn't trying to talk you out of the dress, I actually preferred that pattern. I just didn't want you to finish it and then realize and possibly not wear it. Oh, and just imagine how hard it was for me to find the picture I did send to you. Wow! Good luck on your dress, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. No, no, Isa, it was a valid concern worth exploring. :)Edgertor, how exciting! I knew it was a dressaday, but google wouldn't load the original page. One day I'll be better at the internets. Did you make the pattern?

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