Sewing Karma and Where’s My Mojo?

Weigel’s, of antipodean fashion fame in the early to mid-century.   I have the best co-workers, this is on loan from one of the other teachers where I work.  It was her mother’s.  The pattern has no instructions, just some hand-written notes on the pattern pieces.  I should be able to figure it out, right?  Right??  I kind of want to halt all other projects and make it with this bengaline (from another co-worker):

I haven’t sewn a stitch since my staycation.  I think I may start getting up at 5am in order to have free time before I’m exhausted.

Last night I decided the insidious clutter in my fabric cabinet must be affecting my mojo, so I pulled everything out and piled them in the livingroom.  If I create a mess like that, it forces me to work through it in a timely manner.  Husband didn’t bat an eyelash.

Most of that comes from inheritance, upcycling or scrap.  I re-discovered an entire Amy Butler Messenger Bag, cut and ready to be sewn, 40-something rectangular pieces carefully labeled.

As I’m nearly finished with two quilts, I can’t help planning quilts for next year.  Since nothing else sounded very interesting, I sorted out blue scraps for a Storm at Sea quilt.  I have have more than enough and plan to use jerseys (interfaced), linens, denims, everything I have.

(Quilt tops, backs, and wool batting)

So there I have it, and there I leave it.  The quilts will be pinned this week, but I’m dragging my feet about any other sewing.



  1. Sometimes you have to take a little break. I recently tidied my own sewing space because I wanted some mental freedom from the clutter. The creative juices sometimes just need a little lull.

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