My First Giveaway- A Dress!

 Since Friday was my birthday, I want to give away a dress.

 I made her last February during another stay-cation.  Never worn.  She deserves better than hanging in the back of my wardrobe.

She’s a guilt piece.   You know-  good fit, great sewing, but you put it on and feel you’re wearing someone else’s frock.  I never wear her though she’s a great dress- hence the guilt.   A great dress should be worn.  Or re-fashioned.

I can’t cut up this dress.  I called her Katherine while I was making her. 100% cotton, seams serged, invisible side zip.

She’s a (c. 1951) size 16: 34″ bust, 28″ waist, 37″ hips.  I made a small 1″ FBA.  A larger waist might fit fine, there’s about 1.5″ of ease.   The bodice darts could be let out.  Smaller ladies could take them in.  

“Pointed stand-up collar and raglan type sleeves are cut in one.  The circular skirt is cut in two sections.”  Pretty colors, just not my colors. 

I left her unhemmed, but can make a narrow double-fold hem before shipping by request.  Shipping anywhere.

Take her, wear her, cut her up if you want.

Rules of the giveaway:  (Open to my followers list)

Four ways to enter:

1) Tell me you want the dress.

2) Tell us about your guilt piece. 

3) Leave me a link to a post on your blog/website about the giveaway.

4) Leave a comment letting me know what content you enjoy, and what you’d like to see in the future.

I’ll use a random number generator to decide the winner.  The giveaway closes next Sunday at 5pm, the 14th of November (my time).


  1. Love the dress, but I'm pretty sure this style wouldn't suit me, so don't give it to me! I'm getting better at getting rid of my guilt pieces. A smaller wardrobe and less storage helps with this. I ruthlessly gift stuff to charity that I haven't worn once, at the end of a season.

  2. I knew it wouldn't be everyone's style, but I hope she finds a good home. I'm thinking of doing a wider-appeal giveaway soon.

  3. Wow. Super-cute dress, and you look super cute in it. What a unique pattern, too! I'd love the pattern, but the dress would be a tad too small for me.

  4. I love the fabric. When I first started sewing I made a very simple loose fitting dress from brown silk (I had no idea what I was doing). It actually turned out ok, not the best sewing in the world, but the style just was not for me. I need something with a more defined waist. It hung in my closet for months. Guilt because I spent quite a bit of money on the fabric. Then a friend happened to notice it, put it on and it looked like I made it for her. I was glad that the dress ended up having an owner. She wore it to my rehearsal dinner :)

  5. Beautiful Katherine. She is just my size and would have a lovely home with me. I'd even promise to send photo 'visitation' if you like. :)

  6. Cute dress though it would be too small so don't put me in the give-away but I think your contest is a neat one. What do I do with guilt pieces? I keep them around awhile,then I decide: cut into something else, make it work, or give it to the thrift store. A prosaic and uncreative approach I know but by putting off the decision making I will have made a few other pieces that I do like in the meantime so the guilt project just gets reduced to a decision.

  7. Adorable! I'm not 100% sure about the pattern, but I would love to own something made by you!My guilt piece: a beautiful grey wool suit jacket, with matching pencil skirt. I just never had a job where I had to wear that kind of suit! I gave away the jacket first, and just got rid of the skirt. Soooo much work, and I never wore it!

  8. I have a guilt piece… a "Frankenstein" creation a re-purposed skirt and top combo sewed into a dress… I love the way it looks but its really just not my style. marloweopat at gmail dot com

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