Finished: Beach Pajamas, c 1930

I wanted to make some 30’s beach pajamas for some time.  The thought of slicing into 4m of material for a project that could end up looking like a pants-mumu held me back.  Beach pj’s never seem to bear much resemblance to the pattern drawing (less than usual, I mean).

The dots are cream, not white like the facing and bias binding.  I think the white freshens the printed fabric.  100% cotton Ikea fabric.

Side zipper + 1930’s pantsuit = wriggling.  I don’t know why I placed the zipper on the side.  Next one will have an invisible zipper up the front.  I like the way the front falls open.  If I leave it unbuttoned, it looks very… modern...

I’m wearing my big 1925 cloche hemp hat, and the belt from Lotus.  I like that my yellow silk accents coordinate with most of this summer’s clothes.

Lengthened the bodice by 1″ and used the crotch pattern from my Simplicity 4044 pants.  This pattern has a deep crotch, typical of the time.  I might try the next pair with the original crotch curve.  The pj’s are flowy and comfy everywhere except there; it hikes up while I’m lounging.

I wouldn’t wear this to lunch downtown, but I think it will be perfect for beach weekends this summer.  This didn’t take long to put together, I may make a few more.

Next: Sun Jacket from Simplicity 4044 (if I can remove the last traces of orange chalk!)


  1. I believe they did wear them to the beach (and also for lounging- no stays to keep you sitting rigidly). It would be cool and comfortable, and you would be covered up despite naughty sea breezes. And the sun would stay off your skin. They're pretty much everything I want in casualwear, I can wear my swimsuit underneath if I want to take a dip (unlikely). I might cut them off 3/4 length for splashing.

  2. OMG I freaking LOVE these! Of course I knew you would make them beautifully :) They are actually making me warm to the idea of a jump-suit! yum!

  3. Those came out great! I think a lot of vintage patterns have side zippers, but if you did make another one with an invisible zipper up the front, that will work well too.

  4. Oh man, late to the game, but I love this outfit! I really want one! Heh, I always seem to want whatever you've made. :) The hat is adorable, too (which is what I originally followed the link to see).

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