Stay-Cation: Make a 60’s cocktail dress!

The winner is 5524.  I liked this pattern well enough (it wasn’t love) at first sight.   The recent interest in her stirred my imagination.  
The white/gold isn’t right for her.  My experiments pleating the fabric tell me she would be bulky, especially at the waist seams.  Dreamstress’ idea of  5523 with that back would be devastating (in the best way).  I might do it next.
Imagine 5524 in this blue:

Pleats roughly draped and pinned to my skirt.

Best color match.

Pre-Burda magazine instructions:

The skirt and back, definitely cut on the crosswise grain.  Cut the whole dress with vertical slubs, when the slubs usually run horizontal?

I leafed through the magazine, and these color fashions caught my eye:

I assembled the pattern this morning.  That leaves the afternoon to make a muslin.  I’ll try it unadjusted first, except to make the waist 2″ larger.  Since I plan to wear a girdle with this dress, I’ll fit over that.

(Beach PJ’s and sun jacket all cut out, laying in wait.)


  1. The fabric is beautiful! It's such a deep and luminous shade of periwinkle blue. Love it! The instructions do look a bit daunting.

  2. Glad to see you're using your staycation productively! (Also glad to see you liked my word so much) :) Happy sewing… I can't wait to see how gorgeous it turns out in that blue!

  3. The magazines are Australian Home Journal. Like a ladies' magazine meets burda, this time in the 60's."That back" is the Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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