All By Myself- What to do?

Husband and Lila leave soon for a few days.  This leaves me no small amount of free time. 

Faced with the prospect of several days off Mommy duty, I can’t decide what to work on.  I’d like either to do something that takes a great deal of concentration, or else some easy useful projects I can whip up in a sitting or two. 

I referred to my Before New Year’s Resolutions to keep my projects on track.  I finished both quilt tops and can’t quilt them until my machine comes back from servicing. 

I can (and will) borrow a work machine for regular (not quilting) sewing while my machine is out.

Should I:

A- Sew up the Lila holiday / special occasion dresses?  We have Christmas, Thanksgiving, and daddy’s graduation coming up.  I’m a quick sewer, but I hate rushing special dresses.

B- Re-work a 70’s special occasion dress into a 60’s- style special occasion dress.  This one isn’t black. Years of depression filled my closet with dark dresses, time for some white gold.  Could combine with “A”.

C- Sun protection blazer from Simplicity 4044. (As my skin becomes paler, I need more coverage.)

D- Beach pajamas.  I really, really want to make them.

E- A trio of childrens’ sun hats for presents.

If I don’t plan my work for the next few days, I’ll end up lying on the couch watching Madmen and sketching, eating dinner from an oft-rinsed bowl and practicing my beehive hair.  Fine, but not terribly productive.


  1. I can't even imagine what I'd do with whole days by myself. If I get more than an hour alone, I feel privileged! If it were me, I think I'd bust out a few of those quick, instant gratification projects. If I ever got that much time to myself, I'd want to feel REALLY accomplished. But, hey, that's just me. :) Enjoy your mini staycation!

  2. Yeah, I'm leaning toward a Baby Blueberry Parfait, the blazer, and the pj's… hmmm…We discovered that if I get an occasional but regular stay-cation (cute word) it greatly contributes to our domestic bliss. I love them both very, very much but I need to be left alone sometimes to think and work.

  3. Totally envious of your holiday. After I saw, "Eat, Pray, Love" I said to my husband, "I don't feel like being a parent anymore, I want a year off!"I would spend it in whatever way feels most luxurious to you.

  4. This is what I do when I have the rare free day -get up that morning, have a cup of joe, a bite to eat, lay my patterns or projects around me and "feel the vibes." Then I make the bed, putter, tidy the stuff that will get in the way of sewing – that is to give the creative juices time to flow but not announce themselves yet. Next since I have made the bed, I lay my pattern cutting board on the bed, look at my projects again, then I go with my heart. Absolutely impractical and unscientific way of choosing but I like it. Whatever you pick, productivity sewing, creative sewing or practical sewing – this is time for joy sewing. Best wishes on your time off. I'm sure you will be refreshed in more ways than just sewing.

  5. With my busy schedule when I get time like this, it's a toss up between two ways of thinking: 1. What will bring the most joy to me – that includes making it and wearing it2. What do I need – pants (I have a perfected pattern) are boring, but I need them; plain jackets – ditto; white shirt (I'm in a blog to get motivated cause I need some desperately)So what am I making in my spare time – a funky coat. See logic doesn't work.So does that help?!!!!!

  6. I like the sewista method, it's kind of what I'm doing. I think the beach pajamas (my students are pulling for them), the blazer, and I might play with the gold dress. Who knows?

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