Quilting Through a Quilter’s Eye

Repeat 24 times.  Quilting requires another type of discipline than that needed in garment sewing.   I find the repetition of seams invites daydreams.  I like to pretend I’m a self-regulating machine, refining every move I make for optimal efficiency.

Four shades of green, I may re-arrange them.

What became of the big yellow jelly roll?

Seven strips, to be cross-cut later for the border.  Strips sewn in order of color intensity.  Seams show through to front like tiny strips between the wider swathes of yellow.

Eight large strips created by sewing three strips together at random.

First trim off the selvage.  

Required: 64 cross-cut sections, each 4 1/2″ wide.

More efficient:  three at a time.

The paler yellows read brown here despite me tinkering with the color.  Floral white.

I enjoy the succession of secret compositions created while quilting.  A big stack of neatly cut blocks ready to be sewn looks clean and inviting- the fruits focus and hard work.  Those small, pretty moments draw me back to quilting over and over again.

Next: Assembling the rows by laying the pieces out on my floor and re-arranging them for a few hours until it “looks right.” 

I wonder if the short person would enjoy that?  She “helped” sew some of the strips…


  1. Your quilts are looking gorgeous. I bet you never come even close to wearing the "standard mom" uniform at your playground. How refreshing! I really loved your wardrobe competition entry and you were my pick to win it – I thought it had really broad appeal. Congratulations for finishing and entering it, that was a major challenge in itself!

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