Finished Object: Hopscotch (plus more toddler photography)

Lila is a willful little monkey.  Sometimes I must lay down the law, but other times I find a softer approach works best.  Yesterday I took her outside (in her new outfit) and we “shared” the camera, rather than me dodging her grasping hands and trying to eke out a photoshoot.  Why borrow stress?

Perhaps I’m just fond of her, but I find her “pickies” interesting though I refrained from posting studies of the clothesline and her trike.

Happy tomato plants after a week of flooding rains and unseasonable cold.

Over all, I think the pattern is adorable.  

I made the dress from this pattern for work.  It looks like “real clothes.”  The top has no real issues, very well written, goes together in about an hour for an experienced sewist.  I used some of that dreadful slub rayon. (remember Pleb Goddess dress?  Same fabric, different color.  It’s quite a story, that fabric acquisition.)  The rayon wants to stretch, I think the bottom yoke stretched a little too much.  The instructions tell you to stabilize the bottom front yoke after sewing it to the shirt, but I think I’ll do it first for my next one.  If you have a stable knit, do it as per instructions. 

Tucked in.  The sun came out in force yesterday.  Recognize the blueberry color?  I made the skirt from an off-cut of organic cotton used to make my Easter Island skirt.  Free Lila skirt, even the buttons were a present. 


I used slightly over-size buttons.  The pockets came out really well- I want them on something for myself!  I have a button front tulip skirt very like this one, I might just upsize the Chinese Takeaway pockets and use them.   Important to carefully follow the pocket instructions or you’ll end up with a mess.  Ask me how I know.

 Time to turn the camera on mommy.  You’ll be pleased to know my strategy of covering up and wearing big hats has so far kept my summer migraines/insomnia/madness at bay.  I find other N.Hemisphere immigrants to talk to about the sun, many others report similar summer illness. 

My only complaint (my own fault)- the skirt just doesn’t work for a 2-year old.  It slides down over her tummy until it sits at her hips.  She doesn’t have hips, so it tends to twist and slide off.  I think this particular pattern is best suited to a slightly older little girl.   I’m sure she’ll wear this plenty when she’s a little older.

The new Oliver + S pattern is more sophisticated than the others I’ve tried.  Traditional “beginner sewist” territory doesn’t usually include a button placket, but the instructions explain so well anyone could tackle it. 

Hanging out the washing.  I had to learn how when I moved here, most people hang out their clothes and consider dryers a luxury.  In mid summer, by the time I pin up an entire load of washing I can start back at the beginning and take it down already dry.  That’s the aussie sun.

Time to share, Lila.


She likes her new top and skirt, though the skirt will be held in limited rotation while she still has a round-tummy toddler physique.  I want to make another skirt for her with ties like the one on the Oliver + S blog, and she’ll have many new tops and dresses from this pattern.


  1. FWIW, I find my 6yo doesn't have a defined waist either, and without examining her closely her 10yo cousin doesn't have much of a waist either, I think. We have a few skirts (RTW) like this, and she wears a small size to stop them slipping down over her hips. For that reason I prefer her in dresses to skirts or trousers.tg33

  2. I was going to say, my ten-year-old still has the round tummy (albeit diminished)… though she's always had a booty to keep her skirts up, to her father's dismay. The more active seven-year-old has almost lost hers. The pictures they take are just darling, aren't they? Mine have collected some great random shots over the years—shoes, toes, plants in the garden. The stuff I never think to document. Although, there's a lot of blurry closeups of their own faces or shots of the TV, too.Skirt and shirt are adorable. Maybe suspenders are in order? ;)

  3. You know, I had thought of suspenders but wasn't sure if they'd "work." Might have to take a break from my quilts and try it out…

  4. "You'll be pleased to know my strategy of covering up and wearing big hats has so far kept my summer migraines/insomnia/madness at bay. I find other N.Hemisphere immigrants to talk to about the sun, many others report similar summer illness."This is so interesting. I wonder how it related to my chronic unwell/tiredness disorder – which has happened exactly since I moved to NZ.

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