Before the New Year Resolutions

I make New Year’s resolutions or goals, gradually become side-tracked through the year, and end up guiltily making similar resolutions at the beginning of the next year.  For me, New Year’s resolutions are based on tangible goals.  I reserve birthdays for introspection and personal development goals.

Finishing these will help me “clear the slate” to begin the New Year, and also includes my Christmas presents list:

     1. Finish the drunkard’s path quilt ( needs borders, backing, sandwich, baste and quilt).  This is
         a UFO from last year, I don’t really like the willy-nilly way I threw together light, medium
         and dark color values, and some of the browns shouldn’t be so warm.  I’m gritting my teeth
         and putting it together anyway, better done than perfect.  Eventually, when a child moves out of
         the house, I’ll send the quilt with them and never see it again.   Or I’ll keep it for the guest bed and
         the first person to admire it can take it home with them.  Perhaps I can redeem the piecing with
         really cool quilting?

     2. Make the Wine Country throw quilt- present- I’ll have the Quilt Gurus at work plot out the
         placement of lights and darks, and follow their notes rigorously.

     3. Finish flying geese squares- 11 left to do from March.  I know it is asking too much of myself to
         finish the entire quilt by New Year’s, but I can finish the geese.

     4. Make at least 1 Puppet Show dress, and 1 Tea Party Sun Dress for Lila.  She has plenty of other
         pieces now. I’ll make a Lila wardrobe post as soon as everything is clean at the same time…

     5. Make a devastating party dress from the Perfect Blue Silk- more on this later!

     6. Bid Adieu to the Billie Collection (a few more simple pieces to make, then buh-bye)

     7. Master weekly skincare regimen to keep skin smooth, even, and black-head free through the
         hot winter.  My skin becomes slick and bumpy over the summer despite my best efforts, but
         this time I have new strategies…

     8. Make a simple garment (unlined blazer or shirt) of densely woven hemp for sun protection

     9. Sun hats for presents

     10. Aprons for presents

     11. Finish lace scarf- present

     12. Knit two fornicating reindeer hats- reference to high school Christmas hi-jinks involving
           the neighborhood’s plywood reindeer.

     13. Tackle the pile of mending in my sewing room- darn a pair of shorts, put a button on another
           pair, hem a distressed silk skirt, finish the Dem Blouse, fix the hem on Snow White, fix the hook
           and bar on my Hemp Valentine skirt…

Now this list will help me focus and finish projects.  Sometimes I feel like ideas buzz around my head like flies, I have to brush some of them off or I’d never get anything finished.

Looks like I’ll be quilting a great deal the next few months.  That should be a pleasant change, especially since my three quilts sit in different stages.  Drunkard’s Path needs quilting, Block of the Month needs piecing, and Wine Country needs cutting.

With the exception of the Advance 2599 write-up, I plan to work solely on these projects up to New Year’s.  

We’ll see, right?


  1. I think your blue and brown quilt is gorgeous! Once it's finished and not weighing on your mind, you may find you love it, too. :)

  2. I'm excited to see your progress on your quilts! I have a quilt top I've made and I'm trying to get inspired to actually turn it in to a quilt (never made one before). I really like the yellows and greens you are going to use for the Wine Country quilt.

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