Dress Plan: Advance 2599

The pocket detail first attracted me; the back pleat and the back yoke sealed the deal.  The front closure looks something like a fly, and somehow I stumbled across a yard-long separating metal zipper to use.

Shoulder dart, darted sleeve cap.  I have exactly one dress with a shoulder dart and I love wearing it.  Sleeve head darts are unknown, I’m excited to try them.   The pockets are made by first facing two squares, then overlapping and sewing them together, then sewing the outside edge to the dress. 

The first and constant thing I love about sewing is calling forth an object from a rather useless pile of stuff- in this case some ancient “inheritance” rayon, a yellowing pattern, an odd zipper, a bit of quilting fabric and some thread.  In a few days these elements will come together as a well-made, interesting dress.  Amazing. 

I have some reservations about the patterned fabric, but only cutting will tell.  I’m not in love with it, and I didn’t spend any money, so if it makes a strange dress I don’t mind.  Does the fushia work for the pockets and/or the belt?  I’m afraid of losing the pocket detail in the patterned fabric, but maybe the fushia stands out a little too much?  What if I make the stripes run horizontally on one pocket piece, and vertically on the other?  Should the stripes run around my waist for the belt, or should I have vertical stripes?  Metal buckle or self-cover, and how wide?  I think I want to use a circular dark metal buckle on hand…

Nothing to do for it but get my hands in and see what happens.  Opinions, as always, most welcome.

That ubiquitous 30’s hat- where can I find a pattern like it?

One comment

  1. Not sure how I feel about the purple striped fabric, either. I'm not usually a floral kind of girl, but I'm strangely attracted to the flowered print. For this pattern, especially. But I keep closing my eyes and seeing the finished prodect with both and I think I really like it. I think your 'two directional stripe' idea is great. Horizontal under, vertical on top. And horizontal stripes for the belt, definitely.

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