Model T Muslin, notes to self

Starting with T-shirt draft known to fit in the shoulders and armscythe.  New, deeper neckline.  Divide into Front, Side Front, Back, Side Back sections using a deep V shape.  V-Princess seams, rather Elizabethan in effect.  Evidence of long previous relationship with corset making and historical costume.

Sewn up seams.  Rather resembles shapeless sack.  Husband took in back seams, took in front.  Funny extra at top and bottom of side seams, waist excellent.  Could not remove with pins in, had to be bodice-ripped out at the side seam. 

Stitched pinned lines.  Wriggled in (just).

Now resembles knit corset cover.

Cut skirt to a 40″ square.  Cut a smallish hole in the middle, put it on over bodice.  Handkerchief points ambivalence.  Skirt folded into 16ths and cut in a circle like a paper snowflake.

Skirt perfect.  Languid ruffle on bottom of knit corset cover.  Tweak it higher in front to camouflage “sexy pot” but not hide it completely.   Subtle tango skirt effect, intoxicating. 

Transfer changes to pattern.  To rid dress of final wrinkles:

Tweak in the bit of V seam just above the apex derriere.

Lower back seam allowance 3/4″.

Skirt should be a circle, but made from a 45″ square rather than a 40″.

Tweak in lower hip side seam by 1/2″ on each side, tapering to nothing at the waist.  Add in 1/4″ at the bust apex on both seams on front V.

Lower back neckline another 1.5″.

Construction notes:

Sleeves should be elbow length.

Position skirt, pin, then make lapped seam.

Bind neck edge, narrow facing, or full facing?  Cleavage reminiscent of Madame X.  Leave it, Puritan.  Dye hemp tomorrow, 2.8m needed for dress.  Bueno. 


  1. Love the colour and can't wait to see what it looks like done. Please do promise me you won't do the amazingly ridiculously corset created minute waist of the pic at the bottom of your post…. ha ha :o)

  2. Heh, no. I think a lot of that waist has to do with perspective and the way she is standing. I bet I could get mine to look so strange by standing funny and working the camera angle..

  3. That is one of the most beautiful paintings ever. Of course she is corseted, to highlight that small bustle, another contraption no one is wanting to pick up again.This is what an art professor in college told me. Did you know that at first that the shoulder strap on her right was painted to be ever so slightly falling off her shoulder. The portrait was seductive of course. When the painting was first viewed, her mother begged the artist to fix that strap, because left falling off her shoulder would indicate a slippery virtue to the viewers of the portrait.

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