Finished Object: Minerve Skirt

Minerva – The goddess whom Hellenizing Romans from the second century BC onwards equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music.

This is the shortened skirt from an early 40’s French pattern.  It looks like the last before the war got serious, rather late 30’s.  At any rate, this is of black linen lined with that obnoxiously dyed green voile.   I used the last of some daisy lace I had lying around to trim the lining.  I suspect that nice heavy lace not only looks pretty, but also weighs the hem.   The lace seems to help the hem sit properly and keeps the lining from catching on the exterior. (I’m also secretly delighted about the thematic pleasantry created by daisies growing out of green.)

I went to town on the lining, as per usual.  This gives a better view of the seaming which is a sort of “econo-bias” cut.  The skirt front falls in the same way a bias cut skirt would, though only the bottom section is actually cut on the bias.  I managed to cut the whole skirt from 1.6m of fabric.

Decorative stitching on the lining front seams.  The front seams needed to be lapped, but I learned to do that properly on the Cat Pine coat.

I used a contour waistband from another pattern, and decided to close the top of the waistband with buttons and loops.  The loops are from a tiny bias cut rouleau tie and I’m thrilled with how neatly they turned out.

Inside waistband, nice and neat, with lining folded over the invisible zipper.

The skirt back has no darts, none at all, and it manages to fit the small of my back pretty well.  Better in fact than many darted skirts I own.  This will make a nice solid addition to my basics, I can wear it to work and with almost every top I have.  I like how the front of the skirt gently swirls out when I walk.

I have the rest of the pattern, the instructions are in French and it has a scary front placket as well as a bishop collar and looped trimming.  I’m almost “ready” to make it.  Ages ago I discovered almost the same print as the one that features on the artist’s version of this dress.  Then I found matching looped trim.  Everything points to me making this dress, especially the nearly perfect fit on this skirt.  Soon.

One more piece left to make!  Technically, I have enough pieces already but the Easter Island skirt doesn’t mesh with the other pieces.  At all.  I think that is one of those unfortunate skirts that can only be worn with one color- black.  Talk about being painted into a corner…


  1. Ooh I like the panel seam and shaping – I bet that hangs so nicely. It would be quite a cute detail on the back too!Love your attention to detail on the lining as well!

  2. Heh heh heh. I sleep at night. This is unsustainable sewing, making up for my week of sloth. My husband is very understanding.

  3. So gorgeous! I wish I had the energy to finish garment insides nicely (not that I have any decorative stitches that nice on my very basic machine). I love skirts that are straight at the top with that flare towards the bottom, too. :)

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