Self-Stitched September: Count Me In!

‘I, Steph, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavor to wearonly handmade  items of clothing every day for the duration of September 2010’.

Admittedly, most of the clothes I own were made by me, and I don’t have much reticence about wearing things I make.  I thought this would be a fun challenge, especially on the heels of the Wardrobe Contest.  Lately I’m focusing more on casual wear since I usually sew pretty work clothes and nothing else.  “Casual” usually consists of the grottiest clothes imaginable.

For non-work days, I think this will push me to actually dress properly and think about the day rather than slopping about in a Walkaway dress wearable muslin thing.  

Speaking of dressing properly without going too much into it- more and more I find myself drawing comfortable boundaries between various aspects of my life and dressing accordingly.  Work clothes don’t show up at home.  Likewise, home clothes don’t show up at work.  Moreover, I find I have several tiers of “home” clothes: Gross rags which never leave the house (not even to hang out the washing), clothes I don’t mind wearing to the park, clothes I don’t mind wearing downtown.  Does anyone else do that? 

I read about the sort of women who didn’t dress until after breakfast, wore a morning dress and an afternoon dress and a dinner dress all in the same day and furthermore would wear nicer dresses if they were to be seen by an outsider.  I suspect that richer ladies had many many changes of attire while those of lesser means might have the same morning and afternoon dress for every day of the week.  Since those clothes were designated for certain tasks they remained appropriate through a week of wearing without being washed.  I find myself leaning towards that sort of lifestyle, and toy with the idea it might be a more sustainable way to dress.  

For example, I might wear the same “morning dress” every day for a week, but I only wear it for a few hours because it is the most suitable thing to wear while taking care of chores.   Then I might change into “Park/Library” clothes for the rest of the day so I can take my daughter out while appearing respectable.  If I work that evening, I’ll likely have another change (not to mention neatening my hair and freshening the makeup).  

At any rate, dressing and sewing and finding out how other people do it, all tied up into one, SSS should be fun.

I wonder who else is planning to do this?  Your level of participation is left completely up to you- one item a day, only work clothes, just accessories?    I love the idea, it seems like a great way to push yourself a little bit.  Head over to Zoe’s blog and sign up for the Self-Stitched September flickr group.  

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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