Organic and cool, and probably exactly the cut I’ll use.  Unfortunately, (I suspect and am unwilling to sacrifice several hours to find out if) my fabric is too sturdy for good welts.
Devil in the Details.  Me-yow.  I wish I could see a better detail of the loop and pocket.  It looks like the pocket would be inaccessible and too small.  Still cute though.

Jeans-y high-waisted jeans.  Meh.

 Asymmetrical Pockets- because life’s too short to drive yourself crazy balancing your pockets perfectly.
Big front patch pockets

Ding ding ding.

Ding ding ding.
 Patch reaches to just past middle of front leg, loops similar width as fly.  Three buttons on front not confusing.  Loops for back, undoubtedly.

Smooth Sailing Ensemble from Wearing History.  Please to note the presence of cuffs on denim, and the absence of a front fly.  I think my fabric is too stiff for a front invisible zipper, though I did contemplate an exposed metal one.  Soon this pattern shall be mine.

Collages made of knee-jerk reactions help me figure out what I like.  In this case, I keep sifting through jeans and pockets pictures available through google image to help me decide how to style mine.  Most of these are wide-leg, high-waisted and dark denim.  I notice a button/interesting pocket relationship.    Jeans allow an infinite variety of pocket, button and top-stitching treatments.
Oh how I’d love to go bananas with pink variegated top-stitching thread.

 On second thought, don’t.

Preferred to conventional jeans back, but probably plain is better.

Jeans as trousers, trouser jeans totally work.


Enough.  Time to go to work, buy a zipper and find out what they think on the whole top-stitching issue.  Then sewing, no more thinking.  I keep thinking how much more fun sewing a pair of jeans is than shopping for them.

Coming soon: Cherry Blossom Jeans.


  1. I like your technique for working out what you want in your next project (HA jeanspiration)! It's an interesting way of working out what you like from multiple inspirations and finding the common denominator. Good luck on these jeans! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. I love that button selection. I keep going more and more simple with jeans. You have me intrigued with your cherry blossom jeans!

  3. Interesting post! I agree–much more fun to sew a pair of jeans than buy them. I loathe RTW jean shopping like some women hate bathing suit shopping.

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