Finished Object: Five Alarm Jalie

I’m a Manic-Depressive sewist.  That’s ok, I know it and I use my creative processes to act out many of my personality issues.  This allows me to maintain an almost-even keel in the rest of my life.  The funny thing about a Manic cycle is that no one (except Mom who knows me too well) will ever ask you if you have a problem when you’re happy and over-productive.   Don’t worry, I’m not staying up all night sewing or anything.

I know exactly what is going on with me right now- I’m dying to test myself to see if I can finish the wardrobe contest in time.  I have all this fabric lying around and having a great time stitching long-planned garments.  I fully expect a little depressive down cycle (probably once I finish all this stuff), and that will be ok, too.  I have some nice philosophical discussions planned for when I’m not sewing piles of new stuff.

(I also finished a t-shirt for my husband from this same fabric and three chelsea bags this week in addition to cutting out a pair of jeans, all while taking care of my normal non-sewing activities. Manic.)

This is my second version of Jalie 2794, same size and fabric as the Gambler top. sent me this by mistake when I ordered Aqua.  Rather than bother sending it back, they let me keep this very red cotton-bamboo knit.  Free shirts!

I used Patti B‘s ruching inspiration except I didn’t lower the original neckline.  I find myself rather falling out of the Gambler at times, I’m too old for that.  I find this neckline much more comfortable.  

Still didn’t bother doing an FBA, though I know it would probably drastically improve the fit.  I wanted elbow sleeves, having long envied Husband’s baseball tees.  (Australians don’t really play baseball, but we picked some up last time we were in Texas.)

I’m a little concerned about the tightness of the shirt in general.  It is cut from exactly the same body as Gambler, but feels tighter.  I suspect the bamboo relaxes. 

I know my Texas pendant shows up in my pictures.  I’m not exactly one of those Texans.  I’d never wear a Texas pendant in the U.S, but moving away does funny things to you.  My years in Texas were some of the happiest and most formative of my life, and most of my much-loved family still lives there.  Lila loves my necklace, she plays with it and chatters about “Mommy’s Tex.”


  1. Oh wow, I love that colour on you, and I adore the sleeve and ruched neckline! I never would've guessed this wasn't store bought. :D But I see what you mean, it does look a little tight in the back. Hopefully it stretches a bit.Do you name all of the pieces you make?

  2. Wow, even through my blurry headcold eyesight I can see how stunning that is! The color is perfect, the ruching is adorable and you're right the neckline is perfect as is. And….free!! Can't beat that. It's lovely!

  3. Beautiful color on you. The top seems sort of fitting for a manic period, very exuberant even if it's a little tight for comfort. Looks great on you, but I get where you're comming from.

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