1960’s LBD Candidate With Suprise Cape

Kind, generous people out in the real world who know of my vintage pattern fixation often loan or give me some real gems.  Often I smile politely, nod and appreciate that they thought of me.  It is rather kind. I pass on patterns not to my taste to my students.  When this one came into my possession a few months ago, I smiled politely and threw it into my “meh” pile. 

What was I thinking?!  I’ll answer that, I wasn’t thinking.  My brain so overloaded with organic wool sourcing and Art Deco coats, I couldn’t appreciate the subtle simplicity of this late 60’s frock.  The combination of neck darts and princess lines will create a gorgeous shape in an unexpected way.  Bell sleeves?  Love them.  Bell Sleeves teamed with a mini-flared skirt?  I’m not too old for the occasional mini just yet.  POCKETS!

Of course, this one must wait until I finish my coat (nearing completion by the way, expect it in the next few days!) and other wardrobe pieces, but I’m already dreaming of fabrics.  The fact I have a closet full of black dresses doeesn’t deter me from making more.  I have a classy retro-modern black silk sheath. (Good for “Sexy” and “Fierce”)  I have a black wool and white linen 1950’s tuxedo dress. (Good for “Regal,” “Formal,” “Fierce” and “Eccentric”) I have a milennial go-anywhere black knit dress. (“Versatile” and  “Never Wrinkles”)

Surely I need this dress in a black rayon double-knit? (“Glamorous” and definitely “Eccentric”)  Imagine the ooh-la-la factor when teamed with an Audrey Hepburn up-do, heavily penciled eyelids, false lashes and nude lipstick.  Tiny brocade purse, and some great shoes.  

 The Ronettes.  Gorgeous hair, check out their great style here.

Styled differently, I think this dress as an LBD might work for casual.  In a bright color, perhaps sleeveless, this might prove a great day-dress.

Gorgeous fabrics has the best black doubleknit.  And now, with a burnout stripe!

And Surprise!  When I opened the pattern I found a bonus cape pattern from Butterick.  No envelope, but it looks like all the pieces belong to me:

(I thought I’d make tenets of happy body image a weekly thing, rather than rabbiting on about it constantly.  The weekly frock coat update is not necessary this week.  I made beautiful cuffs and facings, sewn and pressed and understitched to the sleeve, and I can *Not* get the sleeve to look right.  Given our 25 degree C + weather lately, I’m not wanting to go to the trouble of re-cutting the upper sleeve.  I’m pretty sure I know how I screwed up, but I just don’t want to tackle it now.)

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  1. Congratulations! Finding things you had forgotten, or not noticed before, among your own stuff is such a treat. It looks cool, makes me think of Sci-fi and Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, that would be a fabulous location for a photoshoot of it once you're done… In other words, nudge nudge, you've got to visit Paris!

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