Finished Object: Mossy Sweater

I finished “winter” cardigan #2 for young Lila.  She chose the yarn, Chantilly by Moda.  It is kitten soft, suits her coloring, and has a bit of halo.  Chantilly is 30% milk by-product and 70% acrylic.  I know, I know, acrylic.  If it doesn’t wash well or stand up to wear and tear, well, I knew better.  If it does, so much the better.  At the end of the day I tell myself it is for a tiny girl.  If she wants something soft and yellow, I don’t care what its made of.

Well, I suppose if it actually was made of kittens I’d say no.

This is Mossy on  I found it by searching moss stitch and children’s cardigans on Ravelry– what a wonderful place.  I knitted the 18 month old size using a slightly larger gauge.  She wears 18months, but I thought a little bigger couldn’t hurt.  I forgot to make two buttonholes, but I don’t think that detracts from the over all design.

Short-sleeved, of course.  We have long sleeve t-shirts and an overcoat, Lila is a master hand at layering techniques.  Lately an undershirt and a short-sleeved sweater does the trick- slightly heavier than a t-shirt.

When I made Baby Sophisticate, I spent two weeks persuading her to try it on.  This one only took two days- I suspect because she chose the yarn?  This is the first thing I made for her that I’m sure she understands I made.  It’s sweet the way she pets it and says “Mommy nice.”

I found it a quick and enjoyable knit.  The raglan increases go easily, and I’ll use her increases in the future for raglan projects, it turned out so lovely.  I adore moss stitch.  The body is knitted in a 5 knit/5 moss pattern that shifts at the beginning of each round.  It allows for watching an Agatha Christie or keeping up a conversation but is not as coma-inducing as stockinette.  One day when I’m feeling crazy enough to make another sweater for myself, I might adapt this one for me.  I like the pattern that much.  I’m already plotting to make a few more for my niece and nephew, that’s how nice it is to knit.


  1. i'm working on this pattern, and was wondering…when it says "moss 5(5,5), does that mean i have to do the two rows based on the stitches section for 5 rows or 5 stitches? i'm so confused :(

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