Oh Raptures!

We have a camera, finally!  No more awful grainy webcam pics, and now I can take pictures of works in progress properly.  Wicked.  I feel the need to photo-binge, so expect piles of them.

This pretty little flower comes from the Madison bag pattern.  I overlooked this for ages, but I found myself in a position where I couldn’t sew (gasp) but still wanted something to do with my fingers.  Twiddling with a fabric flower greatly facilitates small talk.

I used vliesofix (wonder under, easy fix, steam a seam sheets would all work) to fuse two layers of silk together.  After that I just cut the petals, stitched the little dart, and sewed them together.  Very satisfying.

My bamboo scrap flower is less than I expected:

I wonder if several more layers of petals would give a chrysanthemum effect?

Hot Christmas depresses me, I’m already dreading it.  Summertime Christmas?  Really?  The paper snowflakes in shopping malls and Santas dressed in bright fur-trimmed robes provoke me to no end.   Honestly, they upset me back in the Northern Hemisphere as well, but when it is 100 degrees outside it only adds insult to injury.

I rack my brain trying to figure out how to make Christmas time feel special and summery.  My daughter should grow up with happy holiday memories.

Deck the halls with Bougainvillea?  Check.  It runs rampant at the bottom of our garden that time of year.  Luckily, it dries quickly and keeps its color, perfect for decorating. 

Then I thought- a tree covered with silver balls and silk flowers.  Tasteful, lovely ones.  The idea grabs me.  Another issue is trees.  I don’t know that firs grow in this part of the world, at least I never saw a tree lot.  I picture my hot Christmas luridly colored with bright pink flowers all over the walls and windows, and a large potted palm covered with silver balls and silk flowers….

We decided to go camping, too (Bethlehem style).


  1. I shouldn't worry too much about your daughter's Christmas memories. To her, as to all the other kids growing up in the S. hemisphere, a summertime Christmas will be normal – Christmas to me is lovely sunny days, the trees heavy with fruit at my grandmother's house, wonderful afternoons on the verandah, my Dad taking us all to the beach in the morning and coming home all salty and hungry for lunch. They're GREAT memories – they're just not your N. Hemisphere ones. At the same time – because of N. hemisphere books and films – when I did spend several Christmases in the N. Hemisphere – that felt great too. Your daughter is getting two for one! Make the most of it.

  2. A friend of mine from Australia has a tradition of going to the beach and eating fish and chips on Christmas (Day or Eve, I forget). Lucky for her, she can do that here in Vancouver, too (though if she eats outside, she may very well be rained upon).

  3. I think hot weather at Christmas would turn me upside down as well ;-). It sounds as though you have to create a whole different set of traditions there, like king prawns instead of turkey. No ideas about what Aussie's do, though Bill's sister has lived in Sydney for the past 30+ years. I'll have to ask her about making that transition sometime.

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