For What It’s Worth

I so tied myself up in knots about Weekender and being a sub-par teacher, I convinced myself I would be tarred and feathered in class and fired and put in stocks.  I suppose that is telling about how I put up with my own failure.

But wait!  I went to class, ready to face the music.  Color me shocked.   I think I must be a better teacher than I am a sewist.  The thought never occurred to me, but as I inspected all the pretty Weekenders ready to be stitched together, I could come up with no other explanation.  The bags were nice.  Perfect seams, swoon-worthy piping jobs, neatly trimmed seam allowances, just the right amount of interfacing.  Further, my students (some of whom have been sewing longer than my mother has drawn breath into her lungs) were over the moon about my p.o.s. bag.  They loved it, and seemed completely incapable of seeing the awful bits.

In fact, their bags were so great that I felt encouraged to try again.  Not right now, but I will.   The biggest tip I can offer- don’t use too much interfacing, and be sure to trim the interfacing out of your seams.  Carefully.

Also, pay attention to the zip instructions.  If I had read them closely, I would have noticed a 1″ zipper seam allowance.  I might have only put the zipper in once or twice rather than 26 times.  Then the end pocket panel would have fit.

We had a great time in class, piles of pretty bags.  I thought I’d mention it after my very negative post on the bag.  Apparently it is quite possible to make a nice one.


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