Wardrobe Doodlings

I can’t begin my Wardrobe contest entries in earnest until I finish the Greatcoat.  I want to finish it by July 10th.  Without sacrificing quality, that is my aim.

Meanwhile I have all kinds of wardrobe ideas floating around in my head, unsettling me at the worst times.  As an exercise in exorcism I sat down and doodled them out last night.  I have no pretensions to being an artist, and I freely admit I doodled at the dinner table.   During dinner.  Husband is an indulgent man.

Remember this fabric?

I don’t know what it is called, it is like seersucker in that it has a woven-in texture.  Cotton, I’m sure.  The ridges don’t go away so I think they’re woven in.  It is not like seersucker because it is in stripes rather than squares.  A technical term, anyone?

I want to use the skirt pattern from The Birds dress, but make it longer.  The original pattern calls for the skirt to be cut on the bias.  I’m not kidding, a pleated full skirt on the bias.  I cut The Birds on the straight for fabric conservation.  I think I have enough of this fabric to cut it all on the bias.  We’ll see.

I’d line it of course, and either use a small black net ruffle at the bottom or interline it with black net and let a little peek out the bottom.  I want it full 1953 length, that is to my mid-calf.  I want a weird, gorgeous, OTT full skirt.

I’ll put more of my doodles up in the next week or so.


  1. Nah, I'm a sensible black leather low heel rounded (sometimes square) toes type of gal. I have five pairs and get them re-soled.

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