Pale-Headed Rosella: Design Inspiration

(Someone’s Flickr)
(Someone’s Flickr)
Last Saturday Husband and I took Lila for a jaunt through Toohey Forest.  The forest serves as a sort of lab for the ecology students and Husband knows it well.  As we are both farm-raised types, we feel a desperate need to surround ourselves with trees whenever possible.  We find city-dwelling upsetting and bide our time until we can move away.  
As Lila frolicked in the path ahead of us, Husband spotted a funny little parrot.  He’d never seen one like it before- we were transfixed.  He came home and discovered it is a Pale-Headed Rosella.  He said we’re lucky to have seen it, not many Rosellas live in Toohey Forest.  I love Queensland’s wild parrot populations.
I first saw a pretty bird, then I saw a pretty tail coat.  Could you just imagine a gray-blue coat with bright red lining under the tails?  So sweet.
Next up- Simplicity 2758 skirt: knee-length with an inverted pleat.  I needed something simple to cleanse the palate before tackling another difficult project.  I should manage to finish this one today.

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