Best. Slippers. Ever.

(Felted Duck Feet Slippers on Curious Knitter)
An adult version of the toddler ones.  I love everything about that photograph.  I plan to make some toddler ones for Lila, maybe now I need those for myself.  We have a much beloved pet duck.  
These are more likely to be found on my feet:
(Felted Crochet Slippers by Bonny Smith)
 (Very Similar Knitted Felt Slippers from FrenchPressKnits)
I have some little piles of feltable wool, pretty useless for anything else and in nice colors.  My SIL is expecting a baby soon, do you think she might like some pretty wool felted slippers to keep her toes warm during those midnight feedings? (I like to give nurturing gifts to new mommies and daddies and some small keepsake for the baby.  Usually babies have more than enough and don’t care anyway.  They mostly need a happy mommy and daddy.)

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