Style Inspiration: Jodhpurs + Weskits

New hobby: checking out what this chic chick wears.  I have that entire outfit except the jodhpurs.  Soon enough I’ll have those, too.  I still think these knickerbockers will work with some alteration to make them pants.

The weskit selection (and pricing) on the internets truly astounds me.  I decided I want single breasted with a collar.   Nuts to drafting my own, I can get this for under $10:

(This one is ubiquitous, check out the pockets)
 (Etsy.  I want this one the most- it’s like a Lady version of Husband’s waistcoat.)
(Absolutely delicious.  $2.75?  That bitch is mine.  Etsy.)
I’ll stop.  The possibilities delight and astonish me.  I’ll rip that jacket tonight after I finish interfacing Husband’s waistcoat.  I cut every piece during naptime.  Tonight I fuse and mark while watching a delightful design inspiration movie.   If you haven’t seen that one, get it now.   Eight pieces to fuse, two of them massive.   
Fusible haircloth seems wrong despite Palmer Pletsch’s reassurances.  Kenneth King turns up his nose at them. I’ll fuse this waistcoat and pad-stitch the coat, and see which one I like better in five years. 


  1. I was just look at a jodphur/jumpsuit pattern in the Burda magazine and wondering who on earth would wear it. I'm afraid this look scares me, it reminds me of my misspent youth in the 80's when I had BIG hair and wore too much orange makeup. I am with you on the waistcoat love, though. The first pattern you have here is very similar to the McCalls one I mentioned and I've just cut one out in faux suede. I was going to sew it today, but I can't decided on a lining.

  2. Dear sewer, the problem with your blog is that you are far too smart and ambitious and good at sewing! I always feel like I ought to be working on a million more projects!Funny though, I have been thinking of a weskit for me. I have never found one that fit right, ever, but just last week I found a set of vintage tails for Mr D, and tried the vest on for the fun of it, and though it was too big, it looked _amazing_ pulled back. So I'm going to try copying the pattern for me! It is most like the first image you posted.And I really want knickerbockers but am not sure that I am brave enough to wear them! Go you for trying it!

  3. Dear Dreamstress- You are altogether too kind and too modest about your own work. Also keep in mind that I'm rather obsessive and easily bored, so I need a constant rotation of work or I get frustrated. I can't WAIT to see your weskit. Interesting word, like some quaint bastardization of waistcoat. I rather like it. Perhaps when you see the finished knickerbockers that I have in my mind (I'll give up the pretense to jodhpurs) you'll love them and make some up… I do need to be careful with fit, with pretty tailored finishes, and I think they'll be black or charcoal. I can't go prancing about in purple ones.. hehe.

  4. One question: what is the difference between a weskit and a waistcoat?I had a pair of (rtw) knickerbockers about 15 years ago. I wore them with lace-up ankleboots and rather liked them, although I never saw anyone else wearing these. I don't mind wearing slightly eccentric clothing as long as it has a historical reference.

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