Procrastinatory Blogging and Up-Cycling

I *ought* to be cutting the rest of the knit tops for the Billie Collection.  For a few reasons I won’t go into just now I’m feeling really unmotivated to do any more work on that project.  I will, but right now I’ll procrastinate a little.

I re-discovered this little swing jacket last night.  Don’t you adore the boucle?  I do, too.  I bought this jacket right after my daughter was born, I had quite a bit of belly to hide and felt yucky about myself in general.  None of my clothes fit me properly and I was cold all the time.  I picked this one up on sale and everything.  It is only 10% wool, the rest of it is poly but I think it is nice poly. 

The pictures tell me the fit is good.  A little short, and I’m kind of over 3/4 balloon sleeves, but I admit for a swing jacket it fits decently.  I can’t shake the “I’m hiding how I feel about myself beneath a fab jacket” vibe, and this style doesn’t mesh well with most of the clothes I wear.  Jeans is fine, but not with full skirts or slim skirts or pretty much any skirts.  The length always felt awkward to me.

Then it dawned on me- the boucle might let me re-work it into a pretty little weskit or waistcoat or sexy fitted vest from Evadress that I’ve wanted for ages.  Eva has the best taste.

Bonus: I can also re-use the lining.  The Lady Dandy look requires vests/weskits/waistcoats.  I’m making a waistcoat for Husband, I’m very tempted to alter his pattern for me though I know that is something of a monumental task.

The other great thing: I think it will talk to my other wardrobe fabrics.  The purple is rather redder than my tyrian purple, but I think it will work.  Please stop me if I’m wrong.

The two prints together might be a little much, or it might be charming.  I also had the thought to use some of the scrap green print for a Lady Dandy cravat.

It feels a little bit wrong to rip into a perfectly serviceable, pretty little jacket just because the style doesn’t suit my taste any more.  Then the fabric calls to me and I think it would be a shame to hold on to it but never wear it.

So rip I shall.


I’m open to ideas about weskit patterns, as well.

Back to the knits.  I know if I just did it, they would be done in a day or two.  I could probably get two knit tops done tonight.  The sooner they’re finished, the sooner I can forget about them, right?


  1. I wore a black similarly styled jacket the other day. I didn't make it, it was cheap and I kind of like it, so I will leave it. If, however, it was a great boucle like yours I, too, would consider hacking it up for a refashion. I know waistcoats are fashionable again, but in my opinion they are always a great item to have in your wardrobe. In the climate we live in they are the perfect addition over a lighter top on an autumn day McCalls 5887 has a nice lot of variations that are fashionable but won't date in the way our bell sleeved jackets will. I think the fabrics all work together and I like cravats. As for just doing it, I say go right ahead. I am the queen of procrastinators and I've wasted so much time this week stressing about cheap fabrics and what I should make from them. If I'd just cut and sewn, I would have made twice as many garments as I have this week. I'll come back tomorrow and see what you've made!

  2. I say HOLY SMOKES CUT IT UP RIGHT NOW! You haven't worn it in ages, you probably won't soon — turn it into something you will love. I know that's computer-cam but it does make your purples look very blue. Will it work well enough irl for the wardrobe challenge?And on the knit tops — just get it over with, then you can forget about them and move on. You'll feel better once you don't have to think about it any more.

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