Finished Object: 1930’s Lady’s Hat (Wearable Muslin)

Great pattern.  VPLL does a beautiful repro, and this one was a nice pattern to begin with.  Unlike so many 30’s patterns, this goes together simply and logically, with good instructions.  I recommend for the intermediate sewist.

I used a scrap of Organic Cotton canvas for the exterior, some crinoline for the brim, fusible haircloth for the crown, and gingham for the lining.  I used some pretty grosgrain as the stay, and some nice grosgrain to make a bit of trim for the exterior.  I top-stitched the seams on the hat, I think that helped smooth it out.   I top-stitched the edge of the brim as well; now it ripples.  The effect is acceptable.  I also used my wing needle and some hem-stitching around the edge of the brim.  It worked really well and hem-stitching is a 30’s embellishment.

The crown by itself rather resembles a bathing cap.  I thought I should take in the seam to make it fit my head.  Next time I’ll play with the seam after I put on the brim, I think I made the crown a little too shallow.

The initial sewing went together in an evening.  The lining and the ribbon stay need to be slip-stitched in by hand, which I find pleasant.  I recommend trimming the seams very well before attaching the lining.

When I make this again, I will make the brim slightly wider and probably use several layers of crinoline or some buckram.  I want a “hatty” hat.  This one is nice, but a little slouchy- fine for a little cotton hat.  It is a great base from which to start, and an easy first hat project.


  1. I like this hat very much. In fact, I want one. I saw some felted wool the other day that would be lovely made into a hat like this.

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