Australian Home Journal 1955- Primary Source

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, and I still have a huge stack to show you.  These Heart-to-Heart are 1950’s Australian “Dear Abby” features.  I think it is interesting to read these problems, and also the advice. 

Sound advice for how to give your skirts that “baby doll look.”  I have an overwhelming urge to try interlining the hem on a full skirt now, I wonder how it would turn out?

And of course, the parade of dresses, beginning with what goes under dresses and between sheets.
Maybe it’s me poring over these magazines too often, but they all look very familiar.  Did I post this issue already?  At any rate, some great ideas, ripe for the looting.  I especially like the pleats gathered into a pocket flap on page two/dress one, very smart.   Also, note the effective, charming use of a border print on a dress on page three/dress four.  Page three/dress 1 shows a luncheon coat, which seems to me a garment akin to the notorious Walkaway dress.  It keeps you decent, a little cute, but when you take it off, the whole thing is open in one piece for easy pressing.  I suppose the 1970’s did not indeed invent the wrap dress. 
I love sensible vintage children’s clothing.  The kind of clothing that looks sweet but still very tough and functional.   Young Bastibus (first little boy) received his first elephant gun as a gift from his father Lord Pomery the younger on the occasion of his seventh birthday.  

Oh yes, now my favorite advertisements:

Imagine tampax after wearing those scary garter and pad contraptions.

Is your kid being a jerkface?  He probably needs to poo.  Really??

You have GOT to wonder what’s in those?


  1. Ooh, sign me up for RELAXA-TABS please!I'm fascinated by the false hem (figure 5) – I can't tell if it's like a stripe added along the bottom, or if it wraps around the hem, or if it hangs loose like a flap?I've been interested in reinforced hems ever since I used horsehair braid in the hem of a costume. I worry that it might end up a little Jane Jetson, but using something softer might make it work!And – the heart to hearts won't enlarge for me! I need to know about everyone's problems and how to solve them! (Right after I figure out my own, which is how to feed a little one yogurt at 10 pm in a hotel room when you've forgotten about eating utensils).Glad to see more AHJ!

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