Coat Pattern Arrives in the Morning Mail With Mixed Results

VPLL certainly make a high-quality reproduction.  The pattern comes in a heavy duty plastic ziplock bag; I ought to be able to stuff my tracings and notes and scraps into it.

I’m a little *meh* about the pattern, I’m not sure if it’s right.  These little keys on patterns are ever so useful for divining cut and construction without pulling out the full sized pattern-

Apparently the front is cut the same way as the back, and I don’t think we have any darts.  I suspect the diagonal seams are subtly shaped; check out the interesting built in gussets at the underarm.   If they are not, I will shape them.  On one hand, I wanted something more tailored to sharpen my skills further.  On the other hand, I will start this just after the Greatcoat, it might be a welcome relief.

I had the thought to cut the back yoke on the bias, perhaps I’ll also cut the front the same way?  If I do that, I think I would cut the yoke from a lightweight, tightly woven fabric on the straight of grain and interline the bias to prevent stretching.   I’m not overly worried about matching the windowpane checks, Steam a Seam greatly facilitates matching.

Perhaps I could pipe the seams?  Some of them?  Ooh la la, maybe a little double piping, a la Kenneth King?  See, I’m already making this too hard.

As I thought it might, this coat has 1930’s style ultra-brief instructions:

I am not even kidding, the final third of the instructions is a column of text on the next page.  I still have major misgivings this will turn out like a dressing gown.  I think I’ll muslin in the next week or so, just to see how it feels to work with the pattern.  I can use the muslin as an actual dressing gown.

By the way, I’m terribly pleased with the hat.  When I cut husband’s coat, I’ll slap the hat pieces onto the wool and make it up.  Looks like a pleasant afternoon of sewing.  Famous last words, I’m sure.


  1. I'm liking it even more – I didn't realize the sleeves were cut-on! And those gussety parts do look very clever. Doesn't it seem like it might make an excellent short coat as well?

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