Been Sewing..

Wrong wrong wrong

…and getting nowhere.  Remember the ill-fated flying geese quilt blocks?  After finishing the fourth one the other day (not counting the very first one where I cut off the seam allowances), I went to teach.  The finished quilt top for this Block of the Month hangs proudly on prominent display at work, on the back wall of the classroom space.  I realized I did the flying geese all wrong.  I slanted my eyes toward it every spare moment, willing my way to work.  I can’t believe I need to “B-side” four whole blocks…

The green frames the black and white geese.  It creates sharp contrast and the more I stared at the sample quilt, I realized if I kept on with my inverted colors, I would lose an element that attracted me to the quilt in the first place.  Also, some of my squares were sewn backwards due to a mistake I made with the piecing paper.  Sigh.

This project creates humility, and gives me greater empathy for my beginners.  I don’t let my beginners throw in the towel when they make a mistake, but gently encourage them to discover how they made the mistake and then learn to avoid repeating it.  So I’m gently encouraging myself.  So are the Quilt Gurus at work, who laughed good-naturedly at my mistake.  If someone else laughs like that, it frees you to laugh too.

Then, being the picky masochistic beast that I am, I figured out how to center the spots in the triangle.  I didn’t like the random arrangement in the blocks above.

This is better.  I really, really like this.  If I must take pains, I will take pains.

I altered Vogue 8379 for the Billie Collection last night.  I only needed to do a 1″ FBA.  I rotated the horizontal dart into the waist, then nipped the waist in.  I’m working with a rayon doubleknit and I thought a dart would create unnecessary bulk.   Then I slightly tapered the front length down into the neckline, reducing the length along the front neckline so it won’t gap for the v-neck.  You can see that next to my fingers.  Fit Guru at work recently taught me this trick.   I made sure the front and back side seams fit each other, trued the bottom, and went to bed.  I think I’ll cut it today.  I might get into the sewing, the instructions make it look pretty straight-forward.  I wonder if I could get her done in a naptime?

I’m a little worried the fabric is too bulky but other than the weight it is lovely, lovely stuff.  I want to order some for myself.   Elainemay made this dress of black wool doubleknit and it looks fantastic, so I guess we can get away with it.

In other not-sewing-but-still-sewing-projects, we got a new desk.  Husband and I share a study, it’s been a disorganized pigsty for a long time.  The old desk goes under my long cutting/machine table now and affords me a dizzying amount of storage space.  I spent most of yesterday re-organizing and now my space is easy to keep tidy.

My final not-sewing tidbit: dyeing… I mean to write a post devoted to dyeing, suffice to say for now I’m vat dyeing with a new-to-me dye, iDye.  I can’t say enough good things about the clarity of color and ease of use.  I threw three lengths of fabric (organic cotton, cotton silk, and bamboo jersey) into a vat of Lilac yesterday.  I decided to leave the cotton in the vat overnight, so no news on dye projects until I wash and dry that one. 

{Also, I’m still reading/mulling over feminism and working on new ideas to present.  I haven’t forgotten about that, or the sustainability.  Much reading involved.}

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