Wool Sourcing: Be Still My Heart

I have a feeling this could be it.  While idly flicking through Denver Fabric’s MASSIVE stock, I found this.  Husband really likes interesting weave and texture, I have an inkling he would approve of this fabric for his coat.  (ooh la la, I could do the upper collar, pocket flaps, cuffs in a black smooth weave wool… I’ll add this to my questions to ponder.) Does anyone know if corded worsted wool is a very bad idea for my project?  Nancy, I’m looking at you.
In case it isn’t obvious, I gave up on sourcing organic Australian wool for our coats.  I’ll focus my energies on creating the best possible coats I can, so they will last for a long time.  That’s another kind of sustainability.  And they’re slave-labor free.  I don’t get paid, exactly, but I don’t have to sleep under my sewing machine at night either.  So the coat will be tough, interesting, detailed, well-made under ethical labor practices.  But not of organic Australian wool.
By the way, check out Denverfabrics.  I haven’t ordered from them, their goods might be awful, but they have such an amazing, decently-priced selection.  Also, they have a huge sale on at the moment.

That’s my wool/cashmere windowpane check from Elliott Bermann.  They were very flexible about shipping- from $55 down to $29!  I’m not kidding.  It never hurts to dicker over shipping costs.  They actually called about my order which impressed me even though it was 2am.  It should arrive sometime, along with some very pretty textured weave linen for the Billie Collection.  I’m not sure how big the checks are, and I would be ok with any size from bitty to massive. The color is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and even in the terrible photographs it glows.   I think I’ll quit breathing when I open the box.


  1. I have ordered several times from Denver Fabric (AKA Fashion Fabrics Club – they are the same company) and have been satisfied with my purchases. I find that their processing/shipping is slow, but customer service is good, and their prices are amazing. Enjoy your wool!

  2. Ditto that – everything I've ever gotten from them has been fantastic but it's taken me up to 4 weeks to get my orders! I just never order anything I need soon from them anymore (learned that lesson finally!)Ooh, your windowpane is gorgeous! Can't wait to see that!

  3. Well, I love the idea of sewing coats and loved your description of it being sustainable (not sleeping under sewing machine etc)Shall keep watching – I made the suit my husband got married in (to me) and it has become a family legend. Good luck!!

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