Australian Home Journal 1958- Primary Source

I’m sick AND trying to finish my reviews for the mini-contest, but I thought a few scans would be in order.  Last week a student commented on how toned-down colors were in the 1940’s-50’s.  Really?  The movies were in black and white, the world wasn’t.  So here’s some technicolor goodness from October 1958.

 I love the pink sheath with the polka dot bands.  Also, is dress 10 a throwback to the 30’s?  I like it, though I think if it weren’t carefully made up it would look dowdy and cheap.  Check the back- it is completely pin tucked and complete with no less than two bows.  The self-fabric bows don’t scream 1930’s to me. 

There isn’t a dress in the lot that I wouldn’t wear.  The gray “Matron’s frock” is a little… uhm… matronly.

How cute are all the teeny romper suits?  I’ll have one of each…

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