Knickerbockers? Can I pull them off?

Ok, I’ve been watching the 50’s version of Sinbad on ABC2 while sewing.  I was inspired by the fluid grace of these pants:

So cool, such movement, I thought.  Of course, I’d fit them nicely over my curves, but maybe flared to the knee and gathered in a little cuff?  In some nice breezy organic cotton pique.

The idea drove me off the couch (shorts sewing being altogether too much work at the moment) and to Google.  This led me to the lovely 1923 knickers above.

Hear me out.  Check out the slanted front welt pockets.  They are clean, crisp, flattering and practical. The back is “dart fitted,” and the waist is most attractively shaped behind.  The side looks to offer a button fly.  Imagine using jeans’ buttons.  I wonder if the waistband is lined or faced?  Or something else that I don’t know about?  And finally, check out the cuffs.  They are too long to look slouchy, they very discreetly set off the curve of the upper calf.

These breeches are demure, ever so.

Not like these, which also look very comfortable:

I have a sudden desire to explore making 1923 knickerbockers that are every bit as comfortable as the ones above.  But smarter, much smarter.While we’re exploring Past Patterns, how’s this for loungewear?

(Past Patterns.  38″ bust)

Removable peplums? Is it akin to wearing a vest, but below the belt?  How intriguing.


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