Finished Object: Ramnek Skirt

I like Lila looking cheeky there so I didn’t crop her out.  The Ramnek skirt (named for the fabric designer) got its buttons today, of course better shots when I do the photos for the contest.  The fabric is a stiff home dec weight, but I think it suits the cut well.  I did need to re-position the buttons so it would fit over my backside, and it is a little weirdly stiff.   I like it.

I just have to finish the blouse and my mini is finished.  This is also what I wore to work today. 

Speaking of blouses, this black one I’m wearing is the best pattern I’ve ever made.  I think I need another one, since I only have two.  Thoughts on making the same pattern repeatedly?


  1. Way cute and nice pattern matching across the back! I love the blouse, and would definitely make it again! I have one pattern that I have 5 copies of, but since the fabrics are so different, they fill very different niches in my wardrobe.

  2. I love that blouse too – I saw it on your flickr and it's to die for. Definitely make more! And skirt looks great! Also, if you'll wear a cape on the backside, I say why NOT a bow? Go for it!

  3. Love the print! Of course, I covet it for my furniture :-PAnd yes, if a shirt fits beautifully, buy more than one, and if the pattern is the best you have ever made, make one in every colour!

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