C.K., This Bow’s For You

Check out that Bow.  Could it be that I’ve found a tasteful one?  Done sharply, pressed to have razor-edges?  I absolutely hate the crappy lace on the bodice, but otherwise ok.  The skirt is the best part.  I hope you don’t mind me taking our bow-craze a little public.  I thought of you immediately when I saw this dress.

My gorgeous classes coordinator (she keeps my class lists and students and dates straight, God bless her) brought me a STACK of old Australian Home Journal magazines yesterday.  I can have the ones from the 60’s and 70’s, but I have to give back the 40’s and 50’s after I’ve copied and plundered.  They’re in pristine condition, and I’m having a great time reading the articles.  I’ll scan some in when I’m too lazy to actually post.  So much inspiration, and I’ve only just finished copying Lovely Friend’s Mother’s patterns.

One comment

  1. HAHAHAHA!! It's more of a back-of-the-thighs bow though, so definitely more tasteful than a full-on butt bow. (Or the dreaded WomBow!) I'm all for taking the bow craze public! I have to find the WomBow image and post it now.That neckline is pretty cool too — although yeah, the lace or soutache or whatever is a bit on the ditsy side. Personally, I think I would just like the skirt. Make it!!And wow, what a haul — I hope you post more finds from these!!

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