The Billie Collection

My MIL’s mother, Billie, passed away recently.  MIL told me that every year at Christmas, her mother would give her some money and say to her that she should treat herself to a nice top and skirt, something “smart and feminine.”  MIL is a biologist.  She and her husband also run an organic farm. She has never done “smart and feminine.”

Now here we are with the MIL wardrobe project.  After some initial setbacks, I sent to Gorgeous Fabrics for some swatches, trolled PR for universally acceptable patterns and came up with some ideas.  Tonight she and I came up with the (prioritized, of course) plan:

  1. Vogue 8329 in Black Doubleknit- 3/4 sleeves, and a collar.
  2. Vogue 8603 in Black Organic Cotton- Straight black skirt, perfect fit, incredible fabric, versatile.
  3. Jalie 2794 in Turquoise Double Knit- Short sleeved sweetheart neckline
  4. Simplicity 4076 in Bright Aqua Double Knit- View B, most likely, perhaps with cap rather than flutter sleeves.
  5. KS 3740 in Peacock Uber Soft T-shirting- Cowl neck, 3/4 or cap sleeves OR
  6. Simplicity 4076 in Peacock Uber Soft T-shirting- Knot front, flutter sleeves (?)
  7. Jalie 2794 in Bold Boho Panel Print- This is the wild card, she’s willing to see how it looks and trust me that I know what I’m talking about. 
  8. Simplicity 2758 in Denim colored linen/rayon blend- half circle skirt with no pockets.

Personally, I really like the KS pattern and think it is something just a little bit more distinctive than the norm, and different from the other tops.  The Uber soft T-shirting lives up to its name, and has a gorgeous texture.  It isn’t open weave exactly, more like the needles used to knit it were of a slightly larger gauge than normal.  I want to order some black for my own cowl neck.  However, I have to admit that she’s way more excited about the Simplicity top pattern, and that pattern is very versatile and well-reviewed.   The Jalie is also incredibly exciting.  To my great surprise, the Wrap Dress has grown on her immeasurably, and will be the first piece I execute.  I already ordered the Vogue patterns during their $3.99 sale.

The fabrics might change, I’m still shopping now that I have a good idea of what colors and textures.

This seems a long list, but the pieces are very simple.  As long as I lay the groundwork to be sure of fit, each piece will come together in an evening or two.  The wrap dress will undoubtedly take a little longer than that.  The more irritating part will be all the ordering, etc that must happen because I live 3 hours past the edge of the world and haven’t found anything local and suitable.

I do so love having a plan.


  1. OMG…you've got that turquoise panel knit from GF. I sooo wanted that! I think you've picked some great patterns. KS 3740 is fabulous and Simp 4076 is one of my all-time faves.

  2. Some great pattern choices. All of these are easy care and easy wear. If you're looking for a versatile knit pattern the Kwik Sew 3338 is a great one. There are two necklines, one higher and one lower. In addition, Australian Stitches magazine had a feature last year that gave instructions for how to draft a cowl neck to add to this pattern. I can scan and email if you don't have it. I use this pattern for everything and I've recently morphed a crossover front from another Kwik Sew pattern.

  3. You have picked a fabulous selection there. I have made the wrap dress and the sweetheart neckline top and love both patterns. I also have the Kwiksew top (which I downloaded from but haven't made it up yet. I do have a rtw version of it and totally vouch for what a great little top it is. Your MIL is very lucky!

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