Off for the weekend, plans for April

I nearly finished the faux-wrap skirt last night.  Close enough to know it was a good match of fabric and pattern.  I’ll finish that next week, and cut those pants for husband.  I’m still playing with the patterns.

I won’t hit most of my goals for this week.  I’m ok with that, I still have ages before the contest deadline.

Speaking of deadlines and goals, I am one of those irritating people who really must have goals, deadlines and lists.  This did not become fully apparent to me until the past couple of weeks of blogging.  Funny.  I have a raft of projects that require my attention after this current set of projects have finished. 

(Yarn dyed with Logwood, by Someone Else)
(Bazilwood by Simmy)
  1. Dye Experimentation- I want to play with using natural dyes from AuroraSilks.  That site is amazing.  Ideally, I will get my mitts on her Beginner’s dyeing kit.  Logwood, Brazilwood, and Fusticwood?  To die for.  I’m not into wearing colors, exactly, but these colors and this type of dyeing have captured my imagination.  
  2. Alter Husband’s Pattern- That is, the Burda 2767 coat.  I am very, very close to getting the handspun fabric I want, but I won’t talk about that until I know, I don’t want to jinx it.  I promised his coat by his birthday, he’s really excited about it.  I think he has realized that I got mad skills.
  3. Free Block catch up- I didn’t quite finish February’s very complex set of blocks, I haven’t touched March’s flying geese, and April is upon us.  April’s is a big set of snail’s trails.  I want to catch up.  I want to make this quilt.  I have already invested too much money and time not to.  
  4. Possibly, probably work on starting a quilt for Mom.  She handed me a stack of gorgeous hand-dyed greens and yellows last time I was home.  I have done nothing with them.
  5. Learn to draft from my vintage drafting book.  I can swing a sloper easily, and I have an idea for a starburst blouse.  Those would be an acceptable start.  Wouldn’t it be neat to do a wardrobe entirely of self-drafted patterns?
  6. Make a few pieces for the MIL project.  We have a design meeting this weekend, I’ll wave some swatches and sketches at her and I do hope I’ll have concrete plans soon.
  7. KNIT!  I can’t stand knitting for most of the year, but the time is upon us.  Let us not speak of my yarn stash.  It needs to be busted.  And also let us not speak of the two half-finished adorable cardigans for my dolly.  They need to be finished, and since I felt a slight cool in the air when I got up this morning, I think the knitting season is upon me.  I don’t have any particular personal wants, except maybe a pale green cabled hat to go with my Fetching Mitts.  Mostly I want to knit up some little vests and cardis for my dolly. 
 (Elvira on Ravelry.  I have the perfect dark brown merino for this, it will be great for layering.)
 (Fetching, my one of 30,000 on Ravelry)
After I finish my two contest entries, I can focus on those goals to the exclusion of everything else.  Until the next contest.  
I’m out for the weekend, we’re going to my in-laws’ farm for the Easter holiday.  They have quite a crowd there at the moment.  We’ll have a big birthday dinner for dolly.

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