A Dolly For My Dolly

This is my dolly, Lila.  She’ll be 2 next week, such a lively child.  Sweet, too.  She doesn’t get up in the morning until 8, she sleeps most afternoons so Mommy can sew.  She’s learning to sew a little, herself. 

 (Australian designer Melly&Me.  We have a mini-fad going on at work, started by the elephant stuffed animal.  All the staff are making different stuffed animals, seeing who can out-cute the others.  We have the koala, the giraffe, and a few others living in the shop right now.  Some of the patterns are a little “crafty” for my taste, but I think Dahlia is a good old-fashioned rag doll and for that I love her.  Check out the super-helpful blog.)

This will be her dolly, made by Mommy and Daddy for her birthday.  He gets into my projects sometimes, and likes to help with things I make for Lila.  I have the fabrics already, everything is set to go.

She loves the main fabric, I made her a little Frenchy Bag from it for Christmas and had heaps left over.  This fabric represents a rarity for me- I bought a length of fabric for no other reason than because I knew I’d figure out something to make from it.  And I have.  And my Dolly loves it, mostly because of the silhouetted birds.  She’s really into birds. 

And now it is time to take little Lila dolly to the park so she can run around as all little girls should.


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