Musical Theatre Skirt

It’s ok, wearable, but I think it should be better.  I will probably cut a piece of super heavy interfacing from the facing pieces and fuse it to the lining, then stitch it in place so the waistband sits properly.  I want it to sit up rather than sag sadly.  It also doesn’t hug my waist nicely, and I rather like my waist.  Also there is some suspicious fullness below the hips, I think it looks funny.  And finally, I don’t like the way the CF seam caves in between my legs like some misguided attempt at lace trimmed culottes.  I think most of that will be fixed by the built in belt.  I might shave some fullness off the bottom half of the side seams, too.  That’s what I get for being clever with the ease and thinking I should go from a size 12 to a 16 when the straight 12 would probably have been fine.

Meanwhile I’m working on the bolero and a delightful Husband approved skirt made from the Butterick view A and some Burtonesque Trees Ikea fabric.  

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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