Linen Shirt 2: Finished

(I monkeyed with the colors to show off the shirt details.  Isn’t my little dolly cute?)
My husband is a man of simple tastes who delights in clean lines.  This shirt is about as clean and simple as they come.  The buttons are tiny wood ones, the shirt is unbleached linen.  I have enough of this left to make a 1940’s button up the back blouse for myself later, for which I’ll probably use the same buttons.  We’ll match.  Kind of.  We’ll do a proper photo shoot to make the composites for the contest.
Yes, he’s still wearing the brown shorts.   I did press the shirt before taking the picture but I did not immediately snap it so he has a few genteel linen wrinkles.
The only goal I failed to reach last week was to cut his last pair of shorts.  Or will they be the Burda 2767 pants?  Not sure.  The hemp arrived last Friday and I needed to wash it repeatedly first.  Husband spent the weekend in a canoe and was unavailable for fitting.  I could not decide whether to merely lower the center front, or to shorten the entire crotch.  
This morning I marked where his brown shorts sit when he wears them as intended.  I just used a marker on his front and back.  Then he pulled them down to where they feel comfortable and I measured the difference.  In front and in back, it translates to 3 5/8″ exactly, which leads me to believe I should shorten the crotch all the way around.  I think I will also need to lengthen the leg so the shorts still fall just at his knee where he likes them.
After I finish altering the shorts pattern, I’ll transfer those alterations to the Burda 2767 pants.  Then we’ll decide what to make the hemp from.
Sewing goals for the week, as well as pictures of the progress on my own mini-wardrobe later.


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