Major Excitement

I posted the other day about coats, they’ve been on my mind.  Please note that cooler weather lasts about ten minutes here, and barely warrants a coat.  I consider that a detail rather beside the point.  We could end up living in Antartica one day for all I know, it is best to be prepared.

Husband was unsure about the BWOF pattern posted earlier, I had to try to sell it to him.  I know he really has good design sense, and if I have to sell something to him it’s not worth doing.  Despite our misgivings, I ordered melton swatches. (They should come soon, along with the hemp for his second pair of shorts- the first are done and he LOVES them!)

Today I took the Little Girl for a walk to the second nearest fabric store.  They have Burda and New Look for $5 right now.  Usually I shun Burda, but that is another story for another day.  I am not a person to turn my nose up at $5 patterns, at least not without looking.  And behold, Burda 2767.   I’ve coveted a coat like view B for a long, long time.  I nearly bought it on the spot, but remembering the Lady Grey coat and my swollen pattern stash, I abstained.

Of course, I came home and read reviews on the pattern.

Litmus test for good idea/bad idea:  A good idea will follow you home and get in your head.  You’re searching the internet for pictures of completed coats, begging the PR gods to tell you the thing is awful, horrible, not worth sewing- but the pattern just keeps sounding better.  A mid-19th century men’s coat takes over the brain, crowding out every single other idea.   Next thing you know, your husband creeps up behind you and with no prompting insists he wants a coat just like View A.

He’s not opposed to the pants, either.

The best part is, he wasn’t kidding.  I had to just kiss him when he apologized for stipulating I use a “dark” color.  He was probably picturing me swathing him in robin’s egg blue, trimmed with hot pink sequins.

Wait a minute, I don’t wear those sorts of colors either…

On top of that, I found these amazing metal buttons for cheap.  In two finishes, and several sizes.  I really hate cool looking “metal” buttons with gross chrome-y finish on them that wears off as soon as you get too close to them.  I like the real thing.   I’d like to think I could use them on his greatcoat, but shanks are in order.  These feel deliciously steampunk and masculine.  Husband asked me what steampunk meant.  I think we need to move somewhere closer to civilization, he should know these things.

Now I just need to learn the guidelines for good fit for a man’s coat, how mens’ tailoring differs from womens’, and how to alter that cut for his frame.  His birthday is in July, I promised it by then.  All in a days’ work.


  1. Hi! You have an award waiting on my blog. Whether you care to pick it up, or not, is perfectly fine. If you choose to, just right-click on the award photo and save it to your computer. Then, add it to your sidebar, if you care to. The rules of the award are listed on my post.

  2. Love the coat but I really LOVE the buttons. The one thing I did for my DH is trace his shoulder curve on a large sheet of butchers' paper. I then compare the shoulder curve of all his patterns against it and make any alterations from there.

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