It’s On-

(A dress I made up in black and white pinstripe with 3/4 sleeves, red yoke piping. Beautiful construction, terrible dress. I looked like some lady empire circa 1919. I cut off the bodice for an unlined bolero, and I carefully took apart the skirt to be made up into Simplicity 4044 skirt.)

I have fabric for all but one garment pressed, all my patterns altered and ready to go. I even sketched out my prioritized sewing schedule for the next few weeks over lunch yesterday.

  1. Cut KS 3299 t-shirt
  2. Cut 3276 canvas shorts
  3. Cut linen work shirt 2 (husband wants this one short sleeved- no cuffs)
  4. Make T-shirt
  5. Make shorts

First husband’s mini-wardrobe, then mine. My entire last week is devoted to my Simplicity 4044 blazer, which gives me room to shift things. If I get cracking, I can cut today. I have a couple of contingency plans, as well. I like contests- part of me wants to win (naturally), but mostly I like them because it gives me a deadline to do things I’ve been “planning to get to” for months.

I can’t help but over plan and multi-task.

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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