The Mini-Wardrobe, Ad Nauseum

The MIL project will not, can not coincide with the mini-wardrobe contest. No way. I’m very pleased otherwise, I found a great (poly-sigh) ITY jersey in black on sale at for $2.49/yd! I’ll make it up for the MIL wrap dress, at that price it would be a good muslin if nothing else.

In other news, Husband is quite spoiled. He has slowly ripped through all his (ancient high-school leftovers) shorts, some of which I mended, some I left because they weren’t worth it/I hated them anyway and was waiting for them to die. Yesterday he came home and sighed deeply, a little petulant..

” I had to go and buy shorts today. Look, the pockets are all weird. Is this even real fabric? I had to go into a department store to get them.”

“Life is so cruel.”

“I wish I had some good shorts. Hemp shorts.” He’s been jealous of my red hemp six-gore skirt since I made it. Not the cut or color so much as the fabric.

I’d just been waiting for him to ask. I had him go rummage around and find a favorite pair of pants/shorts so I could get an idea what he wanted. He came up with a tough as nails pair of wide wale corduroy pants from Gap, circa four years ago. They have hong kong seam finishes, back welt pockets, a flat front and side pockets. I’m glad I asked, I would have made him cargo shorts. Kwik Sew 3267 answers well.

I’ve never done buttoned welt pockets, fly front zips or men’s pants before. The instructions look thorough, and if I run into grief I’ll ask around at work. I’ll make him two pair, one in some neutral colored tropical hemp and the other in a brown organic cotton canvas which has become a favorite fabric of mine. It washes up soft and smooth as butter, with hardly a wrinkle. I have some cotton slub knit lying around intended to be made into man t-shirts, and of course the other linen work shirt to make. I’ll enter him in the mini-wardrobe contest unless I run into too much grief with the whole welt pocket/fly front issue.

And I haven’t given up on my own mini-wardrobe. I’m still working on the plan. Even if I don’t end up entering twice, at least I’ll have a spare and a plan.

BTW, what does ITY stand for?


  1. Ooh, I know! This was just answered on the pattern review boards (otherwise I would have no idea): Interlock Twist Yarn, always a jersey and (maybe) always poly, not sure. The thread was 4 pages. Good luck on the man pants! I've been thinking of tackling a pair for the men's clothing contest.

  2. On the man's pant. Usually a man's pant has a separate fly instead of being cut on , but David Page Coffin says that there is no good reason to add this step and that flatter is better. The waistband construction is somewhat different, but actually easier to adjust. What do you do that you can actually ask people at work for sewing help?

  3. I work at a quilting shop that is like paradise, surrounded by strong minded, creative, talented women. We run heaps of classes in quilting, machine embroidery, dressmaking, crafting, art fabric, etc. We're running a lengthy tailoring course later this year with Martyn Smith. Sometimes I go in for a day of machine training which means I get paid to spend the day learning neat things to do on the machines. Those women and the machine training have made me the sewist I am today.This pattern does have a separate fly, Hmmm. I'm really tempted to make these up in some ridiculous stash fabric anyway so husband can have some new painting pants and I can work out the fly. Not too fussed on the pockets, but the fly kind of keeps me awake at night. He's a man, so it has to be right and he has such faith in my skills..

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