Mini-Wardrobe Contest

(knit intended for a MIL top, maybe.)

Pattern Review recently announced the rules for the mini-wardrobe contest. I’ve been hanging out for it, I loved participating in the regular wardrobe contest last fall. I placed fourth, for what it’s worth. (nada) If you’ve never felt you could do a contest, please let me encourage you to. I started that one a month short on time with no patterns altered, no plan, no storyboard and had a great time. It sharpened every single one of my skills, from pattern alteration to time management to zipper installation. I’m looking forward to this one, starting in two weeks. I must complete four pieces, all of which must co-ordinate into four separate looks.

Conundrum: Mini-wardrobe for me, or mini-wardrobe for MIL? I wonder if I could enter two separate wardrobes?

MIL wardrobe: It would light a fire under the Mother in Law project, and ensure that she had at least four new pieces before her trip in June. Also, I suspect that a MIL wardrobe would be more accessible to voters. I would make her a black straight skirt, two pretty knit tops, and probably a versatile knit LBD for travel. I have a stack of patterns ear-marked for her, I’ll see her this weekend for collaboration.

I might wait to do a fitting shell, I can quickly and easily work out the fit for a few smart, simple pieces and if we’re having a good time I’ll put in the effort for a fitting shell.

Me wardrobe: I have at least four patterns married to fabric for me, including the Bordello Lampshade blouse. The others would be


View A. It’s a silk/cotton I bought in Houston. I may do without the jabot, don’t want to have it competing with the pattern.

Then good old Simplicity 4044

I love the pants, I have them made up in black linen. A student of mine seems addicted to this pattern, especially the pants. I like her blazer from this pattern, so I think that will be my other item. In matching black linen. I’ll leave the lining and do Hong Kong seam finishing on the inside. For the last piece, I’ll use some black and white pinstripe for the skirt, which is also charming when it is made up.

Ach. I wonder if I can enter twice? Or do both and enter the one more likely to win? Except for the Nanette blouse, the ones I want to do for either plan will be pretty simple.

I’m putting my Poppy Sophia Carry-all into the handbag contest. Thank goodness I hadn’t started it yet!


  1. I agree with you – contests are great for pushing you past (what you think are) your limits. I haven't had time to do any this year though! I just this week finished the top I was making for January refashion contest…oops!I would go for the MIL wardrobe first – it'll storyboard as more of a mix-and-match and you're right, be more accessible. If you get yours done as well, think about entering both though!

  2. Hmm….I've got about four coordinating pieces I want to make for myself…but I generally hate contests….but this one is more collaborative, less competative. And it would motivate me to get on to those pieces!Love the blouse and the silk cotton fabric btw!

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