Another Day, Another Bag

Special thanks to my Small Bear for modeling. I’ve made the Birdie Sling a few times now, here are my meterages:

  • .8 Main Exterior fabric
  • .7 Handles and Bands fabric
  • .4 Pellon 630 to interface handles
  • .2 Super Heavy interfacing for inside bands
  • .5 heavyweight canvas for exterior and pocket interfacing

I am especially disgusted by the wasteful handles cutting layout. It doesn’t have to be that way! I’ll try to post my revised cutting layout later, I have to make one anyway for class.

I used the canvas as a sew-in interfacing. Just baste around the edges and then treat the two layers as one. I didn’t use any interfacing on the exterior bands. I did top stitch the two layers of the bands together as a finish technique at the top of the band and the bottom. That required some stretching but now the whole bag is as secure as can be.

Part of the genius of this bag lies in the way Amy drafted the bands and handles. See how the curves hug my body? I’ve been carrying one of these babies around for the better part of a year and the heavier the load, the more securely it stays shut. I put a magnetic button in my first Birdie Sling, but I’ve found it to be completely redundant.

Also I made a rouleau tie, doubled it over, put a keyring on it, and sewed it into my lining so my keys don’t become lost in the bottom of the bag. I consider that to be absolutely necessary. I stuck a clip on my own keyring so I can detach the keys an necessary.

Detail of main panel fabric. I bought this to make as a birthday gift last September and wasn’t that excited by the fabric. I have to say, it has grown on me. Don’t worry, it will go to the original recipient, but rather as a “Hooray you’re going to Europe and should have a big shoulder bag” gift rather than a “Happy Birthday” gift.

Grape lining. I really ought to have a picture of the interior pocket embroidery. My machine has all these beautiful decorative stitches that I’m too scared to use on exteriors, so I constantly practice with them on inner surfaces. I think this is the last time I’ll use a dark lining, I hate how it turns the inside of the bag into a cavern.


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