Finale-Katherine Dress

The pattern has been called “Dietrich” while it laid in my stash, but the dress is called “Katherine.” Put it down to me reading Wuthering Heights at the moment, although that heroine is Catherine.

I thought I’d like it better with cuffs in place, belted, etc. Not really. The sleeves are too long. I made the cuffs thinner. They are just strips, double the finished width plus a seam allowance. Length determined by the circumference of the sleeve edge. Interfaced, seamed to make it circular, then pressed sharply. Sewn to the edge of the sleeve, then overlocked and the seam allowance topstitched down.

I took pictures for a self-fabric belt tute, I’ll get that up soon. Self belts are such good fun. I found these fabric covered belt buckles in a dusty little shop down the road from me. It’s a tiny place crammed between two other perfectly ordinary stores. I squeeze through the front door and immediately feel I am rummaging through the attic of a sewist with a hoarding problem. The shop goes on and on, it is very deep. Badly lit, cramped, dusty. If Diagon Alley had a notions shop, this would be it, complete with the crone who works behind the counter. I always go there for unique, quality buttons. My most recent venture turned up these:

They are my belt-making Grail. I limited myself to four, but I’m kicking myself for it now. They don’t have any more.

One comment

  1. You are very lucky to find any of those! I've searched for them in several Sydney shops – many years ago I made a dress for my 21st birthday with a matching self-covered belt&buckle, made using a belt-making kit, and had had the brainwave of making such a dress again. If you hear of any more sources for these nifty items can you please tell us?

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