The Dress in a Day Project, Hour 8

After work tonight, I put in the invisible zip. The skirt has to be stretched in order for the top of the skirt to match the bottom of the waist. I assumed my quick, deft pattern alterations were to blame, and thought for a while I should have to resew the darts. It occurred to me the pattern instructions would shed some light, and then it all fell together.

The top is incredibly comfortable, and I think it is properly fitted without being over-fitted. I’m so glad I took pains over the collar facing- stitched in the ditch to secure the facing at the corners of the bottom neckline and also at the shoulders. I topstitched the back neck edge of the collar down, and I understitched the front bodice facing. The effect is soft, comfortable, and very durable. Well-made everyday clothes shouldn’t have to be coddled.

I haven’t hemmed (of course not, bias skirts must hang before hemming), neither have I made the belt or the cuffs. I think the eyelet would overload the dress, and I’m pondering whether I will shorten the sleeves. As for the belt, I have a vintage self-covered kit I’m keen to use. I’ve always used metal or found buckles in the past, this is a completely self-fabric. This dress REALLY needs a belt, and the black looks bad.

I’m pondering what the dress would look like with black accent instead of watermelon contrast. I would probably find it much more wearable. Despite the fit and the fact I’ve been dreaming of this pattern for ages, I’m not that thrilled with the result. It doesn’t feel like me, and I fear that the collar combined with pink-white-orange flowers is just a shade OTT for my aesthetic.

It will grow on me despite that, because it is very comfortable and sturdy. My dressmaking students will get a kick out of it.


  1. It's a very pretty dress. Sometimes it's good to step out of one's comfort zone. You may change your mind once it's hemmed, belted and you have the right accessories. I say go for it!

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