The Dress in a Day Project, Hour 3

Cut and fused. I’m using a watermelon colored contrast, it is actually an old maternity skirt with a shirred yoke. After baby, I’d hike the shirring way up and wear it to the beach. Finally, I cut the shirring off an stashed the rest for another project. I like recycling, and I like using tiny bits of contrast. Another like- eyelet. I saved the piece solely for the pretty eyelet, which I used for the cuffs. I’m somewhat concerned it will look ridiculous, but if it does I can re-cut the cuffs from the rest of the skirt. Then the belt would have to be black. I may do a black belt anyway.

I’m a little unsure of using the watermelon with a pale pink, orange and black, but it co-ordinates so well.

I used fusible shirt tailor interfacing.

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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