The Dress in a Day Project, Hour 1

Since I am left entirely to my own devices, not only can I attempt another dress in a day but I can document it. Hour 1- Rummage for pattern, scan instructions, confirm this is the dress for today, press pre-traced pattern pieces. A flat pattern measurement of the bustline shows 5.75″ wearing ease for size 16 (34″) bust. Measured “The Birds” dress, found it has slightly over 1″ wearing ease and is generally comfortable. Decided the new dress could use a little more ease, as my 38.5″ bust gobbled up most of it. After some deliberation, made a 1″ FBA and shortened the bodice 1/2″.

If you don’t do your pattern alterations in metric, let me take the opportunity to recommend it. When you measure in metric, you take off a nice round 1.5 cm per seam allowance, or 3.0 cm for two. It really expedites the process.

I love the ungodly shape of the sleeve-cum-under collar. Raglan, by the way.

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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