And What Am I Up To Today?

Not much sewing to report yesterday, just a whole lot of teaching. I do love teaching beginners (most of the time!), especially ones who have never sewn in their lives. I can teach them good sewing habits from the beginning.

But today I sew. It’s just after 7am, and I’m pondering whether I should finish the Amy Butler Sophia Carry-all which is a work sample:

Each individual piece of the bag sits on my work table, assembled. By that I mean the handles are made, the zip is inserted in the top panel, the piping has been piped and attached. I merely need to put all the pieces together.

Or… I could whip up this baby-

View 3, made up with this:

Which is another Ikea fabric, just like “The Birds” dress skirt I made last month. This fabric is far outside my comfort zone. The huge graphic pattern and the colors frighten me, probably in a very healthy “I’m pushing my personal boundaries and it will turn out fantastic” way. Also, I’ve been dying to make this pattern for a long time. I could set myself the challenge to make this in one day. Since the beginning of the year I’ve done two “Dressadays” (inspired by Erin). Months ago, while reading Erin’s backlog, my jaw hit the ground when I found this at the end of a post:

“…but all the same, I try not to embark on any project that I can’t finish in a matter of days, not weeks or months, and this dress is the reason!”

Really? Really really? That comment has revolutionized (to an extent) the way I approach a project. And besides, I like the challenge of working with a really tight (albeit arbitrary) deadline.

Yes, I think so. Today I will call that dress into being.

Starting in 12 minutes, at 8am.

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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