Everyday Vintage 2

Another few rapid snapshots before heading out to work. Need I point out that I actually like asymmetry? I started wearing Victory Rolls a few weeks ago, so far my best are reverse rolls on the right side of my head. On a good day I get a passable roll on the left, too. Symmetry is, so far, beyond me. I like them, and feel naked without at least one little roll above my eyebrow, even for pottering around the house. They hold their shape admirably, too. I swam in mine last weekend and they stayed in place and dried decently.

I think my problem lies in the fact that my front hair is multi-layered and the lack of good guidance. Get me to Youtube, I know. I find I have no real problem anymore rolling, but figuring out how to place them and where exactly and whether I should let the back end “sag” or not. So far, if I don’t allow them to sag (so that the back end of the roll lies flat on my scalp) I feel like I’ve got my hair in a roller set and should not be let out of the house.

I ought to try finding primary source photos of the back of someone’s head, circa 1943. That’s what I really need. My rolls aren’t really the quintessential “V for Victory” type, nor do I use most of my hair in them. I think I’d be tempted to try, if only I could work out what they should look like. Mine are more “essence of” and confer a general 1940’s flair to my head, rather than looking like something my darling grandmother would have worn to work during the war.

This next week, the Free Week for Sewing (as I think of it), I plan to swill champagne late in the evening and work on my “authentic” V-rolls. I’m striving for consistency and speed. I’d like to work on StrawberryKoi’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, too. For fun. She’s so cute with her pearls.

Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great!

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